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Welcome to NAVAL BASE KITSAP on the Beautiful Kitsap Peninsula between the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges in Washington State. NAVAL BASE KITSAP belongs to Navy Region Northwest and consists of Bremerton, Bangor and Keyport. Naval Hospital Bremerton of Navy Region Northwest is also located in the region as is PSNS (IMF).

If this is the first time you have been stationed in the Puget Sound area, you are in for a treat. The Kitsap Peninsula area offers some of the best views of mountains and water as well as some of the best boating and recreational opportunities in the Greater Puget Sound Area. Within a mile radius you have several attractions and facilities to visit and explore.

Below you will find the specific NAVAL BASE KITSAP amenities information and resources. It is always fun to be that “tourist” at your new duty station. Take the time to really educate yourself on all of the perks NAVAL BASE KITSAP has to offer. This will be one of the duty stations you will remember for the rest of your life. It may also be where you decide to retire because you fell in love with it. This is the reason you really need to read this article about KITSAP COUNTY HOMEOWNERSHIP

U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 3rd Class Martin S. Fuentes. (RELEASED)


NBK offers a variety of programs and facilities to entertain almost anyone. You can enjoy bowling, movies, lounges, game spaces and several special events.

Bremerton Recreation Center Movie Lounge

Movies every Friday & Saturday evenings at 6:30 p.m. Movies at the Bremerton Recreation Center Movie Lounge are FREE – can’t beat a free movie. If you are AD, Reservists, DoD Civilian, Base Contractor, Retiree, family member or a guest you are authorized to attend.

Bangor Cinema Theater

Doors open 30 minutes prior to movie start time. Seating is limited and the theater is very popular so make sure to plan ahead.

Wednesday is $Dollar Days – yep just a $1

Thursday and Fridays are Double Feature Day – see two movies for just $3.00. The second feature is free if you have purchased a ticket for the first feature

Saturdays you have two choices – a Matinee that is free or the Double Feature Deal later in the evening at $3.00.

Sundays are Double Feature Day $3.00

 Olympic Lanes Bowling & Entertainment Center Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor (Bldg 2701, Ohio St)
Bowling, video games – Taco Bell and Pizza Hut location. Saturday nights check out EXTREME Fireball Bowling.


When it comes to recreation in the Pacific Northwest you will find you have endless opportunities to explore and relax. The area is one huge fun vacation spot. From hiking/climbing to several types of boating/sailing to  camping and ocean combing you won’t believe the beauty and the amount of time you will spend outdoors. Naval Base Kitsap’s programs are unbelievable when it comes to your “R&R”. You can plan a mini vacation to Pacific Beach Resort & Conference Center , or contact Pacific Edge Outfitters to plan, rent or help you design the perfect Northwest adventure. Located NBK – Bangor at Bldg 2951 you are able to rent powerboats, canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes, camping and backpacking gear. There is also RV storage available.

With the Navy’s Outdoor Programs you are in for an active lifestyle here at Naval Base Kitsap! The region has vast wilderness recreation opportunities that you will treasure and brag about to others for years to come. Don’t forget to bring your scuba gear, or be prepared to whitewater raft on one of the local rivers. If you like to climb there are endless opportunities in the high Cascades. I love the beach! You are in “clam digging country” and if you would like to learn how to “catch crab”, yes you can during the “crabbing season”. Military members who are fortunate enough to snag a tour to the Puget Sound area have the opportunity to see and experience the wilderness right out their back-door. I always say “an hour to the mountain or an hour to the beach”. So make sure to check out the Outdoor Program for their day trip tours or inquire about one of their many extended expeditions. Here is just a short list of planned activities.

  • Rafting
  • Scuba
  • Skiing & Snowboarding
  • Snowshoeing
  • Cross-country Skiing
  • Rock Climbing
  • Fishing


Navy Sports & Fitness facilities offer a wide variety of programs and equipment. The gym facilities offer some of the top names in equipment, such as Universal, Nautilus, Cybex and others.

 You will have a selection of three fitness facilities. NBK – Bangor, NBK – Bremerton and NBK – Keyport. Each offer personal training, conditioning, classes such as aerobics, workshops and other gym related activities. Check out each section for a more in-depth view so you can decide where you want to stay fit.

Bremerton Concourse West Center (pool & gym) located in bldg 502 touts itself as the Family Friendly Fitness Center. The center was designed so that parents could work out while being close enough to supervise their children. There is an infant play area and a toddler play area. You can get your cardio in while your kiddos make new friends.

Whatever your fitness level there is an activity at NBK. You can take a swim, spend some time on a treadmill or work on your legs using an elliptical. The variety of activity is endless.


During the last few years it has never been more important for our families to be “mission ready”. Personal and family readiness is a high priority for today’s Navy. Naval Base Kitsap Fleet & Family Support Programs are located on NBK – Bangor. Make sure to bookmark the FFSP page here so that you have the information at your fingertips.

Available to you are programs for family and marriage counseling, resume assistance, financial counseling along with relocation assistance. You will also find information on deployment and mobilization support.
Command Support
Deployment and Mobilization Support
Family Advocacy Program (FAP)
Family Employment Readiness Program (FERP)
Life Skills Education
New Parent Support (NPS)
Personal Financial Management (PFM)
Relocation Assistance Program (RAP)
Transition Assistance Program (TAP

U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Leah Stiles (RELEASED)


Restaurants & Lounges

  • Insideout Cafe & LoungeHuge menu choice for the entire family. Located at Bangor Plaza.
  • Samuel Adams Brewhouse & RestaurantMicro and handcrafted beers, a diverse menu from burgers to steaks to seafood. Open for lunch and dinner. Bldg 434 NBK-Bremerton
  • Cafe.comCoffee, pastry or a sandwich for lunch. NBK – Bremerton Sinclair’s Liberty Center

Located on NBK – Bangor you will also find a Subway, McDonald’s and Starbucks.

Located on NBK – Bremerton you will find a Subway.


You know the mission of the Navy Exchange System (NEX) is to provide us with quality services and goods at a  savings while supporting quality life programs. You know that seventy percent of the profits are given back to the commands in the form of Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) programs.

I have been in NEXs, BXs and MCXs all over the country. Some you like and some you don’t. Here you can choose between two Exchanges. There is a small Exchange located on Bremerton and a larger Exchange located on Bangor. I usually browse the Bremerton NEX, but if I want to find more variety I drive out to Bangor. Bangor has cosmetic counters, larger apparel section and because it is larger more of most everything. Both stores are clean and friendly. I always enjoy paying NO SALES TAX!

 I am a Commissary shopper! I can’t imagine not shopping at the Commissary. Sure there are some things I might get out in town like fresh fruit or vegetables if they are not available at the Commissary but most of the time the selection is fine.

DeCA reports that shoppers can save an average of more than 30 percent on their purchases compared to price of the local economies. This savings is worth about $3,000 annually for a family of four.

I shop at NBK – Bremerton for daily needs since that is the location that is closest for me. If I am doing “big” shopping I head out to NBK – Bangor. I usually do all of my “holiday shopping” at NBK – Bangor. The difference is in the size and sometimes in the selection. NBK – Bremerton sometimes has real trouble with inventory control and the shelves can be bare around paydays and stay that way for a few days. I try to never shop on paydays but you know how it is.

I have shopped at several different Commissaries all over the country. I loved the Commissary in Groton, CT, the Commissary at Camp Pendleton is very nice and I really miss the Commissary at MCAGCC Twenty-nine Palms, CA. There wasn’t much at that duty station but the brand new Commissary was fantastic! I really like the deli and fresh seafood section at the NBK – Bangor Commissary. Here is a “tid-bit” – You can shop 7-days a week here in the Naval Base Kitsap area because Bremerton is closed on Tuesdays and not Mondays. Bangor is closed on Mondays. So just like the other Naval Base areas we have access 7-days per week in a “round about” way. If you are use to the facilities in San Diego just remember you aren’t in California anymore :).

U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 1st Class William R. Goodwin. (RELEASED)

Hope you enjoyed article three for week two. If you have missed any articles you can check out the article that introduced the Naval Base Kitsap |Online Relocation Package by clicking on this link Naval Base Kitsap |Online Relocation Package | IT’S YOUR PCS which is updated after every new article.

Until next time….Have a Fine Navy Day!

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