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December 2014
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Military Relocation to Naval Base Kitsap

Your Military Relocation Guide to Naval Base Kitsap | You Are Gonna Love West Puget Sound on the Kitsap Peninsula!

This is the moving van that hauled our Household Goods (HHG’s) on our military PCS to Naval Base Kitsap from the desert of Southern California.

Every year it is estimated that one third of [...]

Naval Base Kitsap | Vacation on the Navy | Mini Vacations

Now that we have some day trips under our belt, let’s talk about some “mini-vacations” you can take on a long weekend or plan to enjoy for several days in the Great State of Washington. It’s God’s Country, you know! I had that affirmed to me while filling up at a gas station in Southern [...]

Naval Base Kitsap | Vacation on the Navy | Day Trips

Whenever you PCS you should take advantage of what the area has to offer and make sure you “Take a Vacation on the Navy”! Seeing different parts of the county is one of the many benefits of a military career.

I don’t think I would have ever had the privilege of seeing all [...]

Naval Base Kitsap |Online Relocation Package | Week Three | Out and About | The Arts

The Art, Theater and Music scenes are alive and well in West Puget Sound. The area boasts the Bremerton Symphony at the Bremerton Performing Arts Center, the Admiral Theater with its classic and independent film series, Collective Visions an art gallery with a concert series, concerts in the park, concerts on the [...]

Naval Base Kitsap | Out and About | HARBORSIDE

Bremerton Harborside District

The Bremerton Harborside District opened in August of 2004. I wasn’t here for the Grand-Opening ceremony but I was still so very excited. The Harborside District is a combination of past and present Boardwalk projects. Now being all tied together and called the Haborside District.

The Harborside District is one in [...]

Naval Base Kitsap | Won't You Be My Neighbor?

I promised this week to write an article about the different neighborhoods located around Naval Base Kitsap. There are so many different places to live it is hard to pick just a few. Here is just a partial list of the neighborhoods:

Blueberry Meadows Bremerton Brownsville Camp Union Central Kitsap Central Valley Charleston Chico East [...]

Naval Base Kitsap | Fun, Fitness & Food on DECK!

Welcome to NAVAL BASE KITSAP on the Beautiful Kitsap Peninsula between the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges in Washington State. NAVAL BASE KITSAP belongs to Navy Region Northwest and consists of Bremerton, Bangor and Keyport. Naval Hospital Bremerton of Navy Region Northwest is also located in the region as is PSNS (IMF).

If [...]

Naval Base Kitsap | Shop Till Ya Drop

Having been stationed at a Marine Corps base in the middle of the Mojave Desert in the land of “nothing”, 29 Stumps is what most would call it I have realized what a pleasure it is to have the barest necessities around when it comes to shopping. I am not a shopper; on the [...]

Naval Base Kitsap ABC...Easy as 123

Welcome to Kitsap County on the Beautiful Kitsap Peninsula between the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges in Washington State. The Kitsap Peninsula area belongs to Navy Region Northwest with Naval Base Kitsapwhich includes Bremerton, Bangor and Keyport, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS & IMF), and Naval Hospital Bremerton .

If this is the first time [...]

Naval Base Kitsap | Kitsap County Homeownership

As a military member relocating to Naval Base Kitsap do you purchase a home? It is a very complicated process which needs some investigation and education before making a decision. You should ask yourself some questions like these at the minimum.

Do I have upfront money to buy a home? Can I get financing? Is [...]